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Tonya, mother of Owen and Lily

Choosing to be my children's first teacher has definitely increased the amount of quality time I spend with them. We typically use BrillKids software first thing in the morning and then have story time with our BrillKids Storybooks, Fables, and flap card binders throughout the day. We frequently play learning games such as counting toys and snacks, molding play dough, and solving puzzles. Above all, our primary aim is to have fun while we learn. Read Tonya's Full Review.

Tamsyn, musician, teacher, and homeschooling mom

I now have four kids ages 5 and under, and I simply don't have the time to devote to teaching my younger kids to read that I did with my older two.  This program is a ready-made curriculum and all you have to do is push "play" two times a day for five minutes as you sit with your little child.  I don't have to remember which flash cards we have seen and what's coming next. Read Tamsyn's Full Review.

Videos from Little Reader Users

Felicity from 12 months

Little Reader was born from my own experience of teaching Felicity to read. I started teaching her to read on a regular basis when she was 9 months old... Read more.

Aiden at 17 months

Aiden surprises me each time we do our lessons: he always reads new words/sentences that he wouldn't the day before. His vocabulary's expanding because of LR... Read more.

Megan at 23 months

After just a little more than a month of using Little Reader, my daughter can read couplets and is now getting better at reading sentences. Read more.

Ella at 3 years

Ella reads in English at about 3rd grade level and Chinese at 2nd-3rd grade level. She reads phonetically in Spanish and sight-reads more than 200 words in French even if we don't speak these languages at home... Read more.

Sofi at 2 years and 10 months

Thanks to Little Reader, Sofi has learned a lot of English vocabulary words in a fun and easy way. She can now identify words, phrases and some sentences in both Spanish and in English... Read more.

Yayou at 23 months

After just a little more than a month of using Little Reader, my daughter can read couplets and is now getting better at reading sentences. Read more.

Cayden from 18 months

For several months now, as soon as Cayden sees LR open, he gives me a kiss. This program has made it so easy that even parents who have no idea what to do are able to assist children in learning how to read... Read more.

Anita from 22 months

Thanks to Little Reader, Anita can now read in Hungarian, Italian, German and English! Read more.


Owen at 16 months

At 20 months old, Owen began to decode words he had never been taught through LR. He actually speaks more when prompted to read written words...Read more.

Lily at 2 years and 6 months

LR helped Lily make the leap from sight-reading to decoding new words. Other systems didn't offer enough to enable her to "crack the code" of reading phonetically... Read more.

Amelia at 3 years

Amelia developed an early interest in reading through another program, and Little Reader was a perfect next step. New files are always available for download or you can create your own material... Read more.

Jakob from 2 years and 10 months

Jakob read his first word when he was 23 months old and started reading simple sentences at 25 months old. He is now watching more complex lessons, and also learning to read French and Thai with Little Reader... Read more.

Eaton at 18 months

My son has benefited tremendously from using BrillKids. With only a few minutes each day, the amount of knowledge that he obtains is amazing. More importantly, he enjoys the process of learning and looks forward to it each day... Read more.

Naimah at 16 months

We shot this video, and Nim read all the words, just like we knew she could! If your baby can read, I believe you! Keep up the great work... Read more.

Emery at 16 months

She started to recognize words at 12 months. We started using Little Reader at 14 months of age, and at 16 months of age, results are evident immediately! Her vocabulary increased tremendously...Read more.

Isabella at 2 years 6 months

I was amazed by Isabella's Progress with Little Reader's Chinese Curriculum! She has learned a lot of the Chinese characters and is able to recognize them just after 2 weeks using the program... Read more.

Kael at 2 years and 5 months

I love everything about Little Reader! It's everything you need to teach your baby to read. School is a pleasant word in our home and reading is a casual fun game we play... Read more.

Zach at 22 months

The multisensory part of Little Reader is a great way to stimulate right brain learning, it helped Zach recognize and read words because of the visual, auditory and kinesthetic stimulation...Read more.

Karis at 2 years and 11 months

Karis has completed 257 English lessons and 187 Chinese lessons and is able to recognise and/or read most of the words taught in the lessons... Read more.

Cammie at 18 months

Cammie can sight-read over 100 words, not including the words that we hadn't documented. Today, at 1.5 years old, she can phonetically read words. Little Reader is hands-down, the most helpful tool ... Read more.

Hannah from 19 months

After just one month of using Little Reader, she could do everything you see her doing in the video already... I think it's just amazing how BrillKids helped mould her intellectual development... Read more.

Zach at 22 months

At 32 months, Zach has progressed from reading words to phrases to sentences to stories and now to chapter books. I'm very happy that he has learned to love reading... Read more.

Gareth at 2 years old

I started using Little Reader to expand my sons' knowledge with customized Little Reader flash cards on a variety of subjects. The early exposure to reading has helped to inculcate the love for these subjects... Read more.

Shrijan at 14 months

Thanks to brillkids team, our son is being regarded a prodigy in the neighbourhood. We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed him read words and count number when he was 13 months old...Read more.

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Among the parents we interviewed were two 6th Grade English teachers.

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Mia and Greg, former and current 6th Grade English Teachers

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