Megan at 23 months

Megan at 23 months


Mary - Mom to Megan from Nashville

My baby also started out with YBCR. When she mastered all the words in the DVDs, I looked for more ways online to expand my child's vocabulary and on how to teach my child how to read couplets and sentences and it was great that I stumbled upon this great forum! With the response I got from TeachingMyToddlers, NadiaD, Mandabplus3 and Krista G, my questions are all answered! Thanks to them! I decided to purchase Little Reader mid of February of this year.

Since my baby is already familiar with most of the words in Lessons 1-25 (where most of the words are also in YBCR) I decided to create a New Folder (under Categories TAB of Advance Play/Edit TAB) for my baby's weekly lesson and introduce new words to her (every week) from Little Reader. I decided to feed her more new words and didn't even bother to ask her what those words are. I also showed her SIMPLE SENTENCES (under Categories TAB of Advance Play/Edit TAB) on the second week of using LR as well as 3-5 couplets. I noticed that my baby also didn't say a word after 3 weeks of use of LR (which I also didn't bother to ask my daughter to say each word ) but she's attentively watching and listening to the Lessons. I just then started to point out each word with my finger and say each word (after each word is played). I think this works for my baby because after about a week of me pointing and saying the words, when I asked her what that certain word is.... Alas! I didn't know that she already can say those new words/couplets! =)

I also played the courses arranged by Brillkids....
for my child to refresh the old words she already learned. I think Word Flash is good in stimulating the right brain of the child.

I also would like to give huge thanks to Brillkids and to all the very supportive parents in this forum. After more than a month of using LR, my DD can read couplets and is now getting better in reading sentences. I also would like to share the video of my baby reading couplets and sentences.