Software Features

Little Reader makes teaching easy and learning to read so enjoyable for your baby - create your own flash card categories, customize your playback settings, create and edit sound files, organize your child's learning library, or even print out flash cards for lessons on-the-go!

Premade Curriculum

The premade early reading curriculum comes in different languages that's ready for playback as soon as you've downloaded and imported the lessons into your Little Reader. All you need to do is choose the semester and day you are in, then press PLAY!

The Little Reader curriculum is currently available in English (US and UK), French, Spanish French, Russian, Thai and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Child Profiles

Using Little Reader with more than one child? Set up separate profiles for each child and Little Reader will automatically keep track of each child's lesson playback progress for you!


Some lessons in the Little Reader curriculum feature a pointer which you can move either automatically or manually to indicate the direction of reading.

Split Colors

Some lessons show words split into different-colored syllables or parts - this will create a visually comprehensible way of showing pronunciation stress and highlight certain consonants, vowels and combinations!

Split Audio

Aside from visually showing each part of a word, Little Reader can also play the pronunciation of each part to further aid your child in learning to read.

Library Back-up Creator

Little Reader lets you backup your whole lesson library (in case you need to reformat your computer) so you know your data will always be safe.


Support Tools

If you experience any problem while using Little Reader, whether the sound isn't heard completely, some videos aren't playing, or if you need further technical assistance, help will always be a few clicks away! Just launch the Support Tools window to apply some initial fixes or to send your message and diagnostic report to the BrillKids Team.


Want to EDIT and CREATE your own lessons? Unleash these FULL editing features by getting a PRO KEY for LITTLE READER!

Different Playback Options

Switch between rapid flashing for right brain learning and multisensory modes, as well as change the font type, color and letter casing for the words in your presentations.


Create and Edit Lessons

Flexible options let you edit and add words, playlists and categories, or even make your very own curriculum so once you feel your child is ready for new words, you can personally create new ones in an easy and stress-free way!


Online Download Library

Expand your child's learning library by downloading additional categories and playlists from our online community and importing them into your Little Reader!


Print Function

Print flashcards so you have hardcopies for use, anywhere and everywhere! Save time, money, and precious energy by creating flash cards on the computer and printing them out!


Picture Editor

With Little Reader's built-in Picture Editor, you'll be able to resize, crop, and enhance your images as well as draw lines, arrows and shapes that can make lesson time fun and exciting for you and your child!


Easy Voice Recorder

Create your own pronunciation and picture audio files with the built-in Easy Voice Recorder. Edit your sound files to remove noise, adjust amplitude, trim and change the tempo!


Playback Statistics

Get statistics on how much your child has viewed a certain playlist, category, or word and get full control of how fast and how much your child will learn!


Progress Diary

You can keep a diary of your child's learning progress, accessible within Little Reader. Enjoy keeping notes about what words your child learns to read in this easy to use online diary!


Lesson Exporter

With the Export function, you can save your categories and playlists and then share them with other parents and families who have Little Reader!


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