Pattern Phonics™ Flip Cards

Available only with Little Reader Deluxe. Made to be used with the Little Reader Learning System.

Although whole-word reading is useful and appropriate for babies and toddlers, being able to decode words phonetically is critical to long-term reading success.

Traditional phonics methods require the vocalization of letter sounds and blends and are generally only suitable for children aged 3 and above. With Little Reader's unique Pattern Phonics™ System and these Pattern Phonics™ Flip Cards, your child will not only be able to start learning phonics as a baby, but she will do so in the most natural and intuitive way possible.

Use these Pattern Phonics Flip Cards to create hundreds of phonic word combinations with your child - enunciate each letter and blend's sound and change the letter combination by flipping through the cards in one of the three stacks, one card at a time. Note that the words don't have to make sense - they don't even need to be real words - what's important is the exercise of sounding out each consonant, vowel, and blend as they appear.

In much the same way as babies unconsciously and intuitively decipher speech patterns, they are also capable of absorbing and deciphering word patterns. Pattern Phonics™ works by showing words in patterns that facilitate and accelerate a child's natural ability to decode written language.

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