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Little Musician Review
By Tonya

"Lily and Owen were immediately enthralled with the program from day one. I am so happy to say that Little Musician delivered above and beyond my expectations - Lily now has perfect pitch and Owen is well on the way to following in her..." Read full testimonial

Tonya (TeachingMyToddlers)
Mom of Owen and Lily

Little Musician Review
By Krista

In this video review, Krista shows us what a "day in a life" is like using Little Musician and demonstrates how she uses the software with her kids... Learn more

Krista Guerrero
President of Intellectual Baby LLC
(Creators of MonkiSee)

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What Will My Child Learn?

Here are the main things your child will begin to learn with Little Musician:

Sing in Solfege

Your child will learn to sing music notes in Solfege (do, re, mi, etc.), and develop the most important instrument your child will ever have - the voice box!

Develop a 'Good Ear'

Your child will learn to recognize notes and chords she hears, and thereby improve her sense of sound and pitch.

Sight-Read Music

Your child will learn to identify notes that are written on the musical staff, allowing her to be able to sight-read written notes and simple melodies.

Sense of Rhythm

Through 'clap-along' lessons, your child will start to develop the ability to move in rhythm to music. 'Rhythm Syllables' lessons also will teach your child to sight-read music with different rhythms.

Musical Instruments

Your child will learn about all major instruments (string, brass, woodwind, keyboard and percussion) as she hears the sounds they make and sees the way they are played.

Classical Music and Composers

Your child will get acquainted with famous composers and compositions (baroque and classical, romantic, and modern popular classics) through the different classical pieces played daily.

Musical Keyboard

Your child will also gain familiarity with the musical keyboard and how each key corresponds with the different pitches and Solfege syllables.

What's So Special?

5-Minute Daily Lessons

A pre-planned 1 year curriculum removes any need for you to think about what you should teach your child each day. All you need to do is press 'PLAY' and have fun interacting with your child as the lesson progresses!

Furthermore, lessons are deliberately designed to last approximately five minutes each day to cater to young children's short attention spans and make it easy for you to fit this into your regular daily routine. The key to success is not length of time, but consistency!


With Little Musician, not only is the lesson content different every day, but even the same day's lesson plays back differently each time! This is made possible by randomization and rotation features in the software that pull from the vast media resources (including different pictures, audio and video) that constitute Little Musician.

For example, when learning about the violin, your child will see and hear from amongst 5 different pictures, 2 different video animations, 3 different pronunciations and 3 different violin samples.


Little Musician is designed to be an interactive experience with full involvement by you. Throughout the lessons, your child will be encouraged to listen, sing, move, clap, and guess at the sounds she hears and notes she sees.

Appropriate for all ages

Even though Little Musician was designed with infants and toddlers in mind, it is suitable for children of all age groups. In fact, even many of the parents are saying that they themselves are learning a lot!

Want to EDIT and CREATE your own lessons? Unleash these FULL editing features by getting a PRO KEY for LITTLE MUSICIAN!


Little Musician is not just wonderful music content you can show your child. It is also a powerful platform for you to deliver music lessons the way you want to!

Prefer a different presentation style that's more suitable for your child? Simply customize the lessons or even create your own lessons that are exactly tailored to your child's needs! Little Musician gives you unparaleled flexibility in customization and freedom to personalize lessons the way you want to.

Read about the types of Little Musician lessons

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What Musicians Say

Gregory Blankenbehler, M.A. Mus.

"The Little Musician software program by BrillKids is the closest thing I have seen yet to an easily-accessible early music education of the kind that gave us musical geniuses like Mozart and Bach..." Read full review


Tamsyn Spackman,
Graduate in Vocal Performance

"As a musician, and an early learning advocate, I whole-heartedly give Little Musician 5 stars. It's essentially my dream product for my kids. They love it, and so do I." Read full review



If you represent a music school, learn how we can create a customized Little Musician to suit your needs, and even get it for free!

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