Sample Little Math Lessons

1.  Quantity

With lessons on quantity, you can help your child understand the reality of numbers (instead of just the symbols - 1, 2, etc. - that represent them). This will give your child a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts!

2.  Equations

Use icons, the numeric symbols of the number or written words to teach mathematical operations. Depending on your child's level of learning, you can teach simple two-step equations, and advance to using up to 5 integers for operations.

3.  Numerals

Little Math also supports teaching math using written numerals, so your child can learn to be recognize the written representations of the number quantities.


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Making Lessons Personal

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Customized Lessons

Make lessons exciting and stimulating by changing the font type, font color, and background color for the icons and the numerals which appear on your screen.

Randomizing the playback settings - Your baby will see different pictures, hear different pronunciations and learn randomized numbers for every lesson!

Flash Cards Image

Flash Cards Image

Personalized Lessons

Personalize your math lessons by using photos of your family, objects around your house, or even your child's favorite toy as icons!

Attach your own icons - your child will enjoy her math lessons even more when she sees icons which she can relate to.

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