Software Features

Little Musician makes teaching easy and learning music so enjoyable for your child - create your own lessons, customize your playback settings and note icons, create and edit sound files, or organize your child's learning library!

Premade Curriculum

The premade early learning music curriculum is ready for playback as soon as you've downloaded and imported the lessons into your Little Musician. All you need to do is choose the semester and day you are in, then press PLAY!

Child Profiles

Using Little Musician with more than one child? Set up separate profiles for each child and Little Musician will automatically keep track of each child's lesson playback progress for you!

Library Back-up Creator

Little Musician lets you backup your whole lesson library (in case you need to reformat your computer) so you know your data will always be safe.


Support Tools

If you experience any problem while using Little Musician, whether the sound isn't heard completely or if you need further technical assistance, help will always be a few clicks away! Just launch the Support Tools window to apply some initial fixes or to send your message and diagnostic report to the BrillKids Team.


Want to EDIT and CREATE your own lessons? Unleash these FULL editing features by getting a PRO KEY for LITTLE MUSICIAN!

Free Play

In addition to the daily lessons, you can unleash the musician in your child by letting her have fun playing a tune or two in Little Musician's Free Play screen. Just click on the keys on the on-screen piano keyboard, or click anywhere in the staff to make fantastic music!

Additional Video Resources

Most of the music clips in the curriculum are clipped to keep each lesson short, but if you'd like to listen to the songs in full or to watch actual performances featuring the instruments your child just learned, check out the Resources screen to view pre-selected videos that help reinforce each day's lesson.

Different Playback Options

Switch between rapid flashing for right brain learning and multisensory modes, as well as change the font type, color and letter casing for the words in your presentations.

Create and Edit Lessons

Is your child bored of seeing the same oval note heads all the time? Change the note head icons used in the lesson to a more interesting image, or even swap the default pronunciations with your own recordings to make the lessons even more exciting! Once you feel your child is ready for new lessons, you can personally create new ones in an easy and stress-free way!


Online Download Library

Expand your child's learning library by downloading additional premade lessons and media sets from our online community and importing them into your Little Musician!


Easy Voice Recorder

Create your own pronunciation or song recordings with the built-in Easy Voice Recorder. Edit your sound files to remove noise, adjust amplitude, trim and change the tempo!


Lesson Exporter

With the Export function, you can save your personally-made lessons and media sets and then share them with other parents and families who have Little Musician!


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What Musicians Say

Gregory Blankenbehler, M.A. Mus.

"The Little Musician software program by BrillKids is the closest thing I have seen yet to an easily-accessible early music education of the kind that gave us musical geniuses like Mozart and Bach..." Read full review


Tamsyn Spackman,
Graduate in Vocal Performance

"As a musician, and an early learning advocate, I whole-heartedly give Little Musician 5 stars. It's essentially my dream product for my kids. They love it, and so do I." Read full review


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