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Can Babies & Toddlers Learn To Read?

They CAN, they DO, and they WANT TO!


Little Reader Touch is a multimedia learning app designed to help parents teach their babies and toddlers to read. It is based on the principle that babies and toddlers CAN learn to read, and LOVE TO do so!

Although it can be used as a standalone product, Little Reader Touch is designed to be a companion product to the MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNING
Little Reader, a comprehensive software-based learning system for the PC.

IMPORTANT: Little Reader Touch and iAccess may no longer be supported on the latest iOS updates (iOS 14 and above) until further development. We apologize of any inconvience caused.

Key Features

Lessons Are Never The Same

Words are shown in different fonts and colors, and with different pictures, voices and video each time! This variety makes it much more engaging for your child, and helps to give your child a much more comprehensive meaning of the words.

More Downloadable Content

Download more content through our Online Store directly from Little Reader Touch.

Largest Early Learning Online Community

Join other parents in what's probably the largest early learning online community in the world, and share in the fun of early learning with other parents from all over the globe on our Discussion Forum.

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New To Early Reading?

Download "Everything You Need To Know About Teaching Babies To Read" for FREE and check out our online resource website on early learning at www.brillbaby.com!


Great app!

by MissMazie

Both my children love this app. I just wish it has slideshow mode that shows the word then the pic for my 5 month old who cant swipe to the next screen, it's no problem for my two year old.

Love it!

by Temogg

I love this app. I have tried the two week free trail and was wishing it was available on the iPad. I was so excited to see this app. My daughter loves it!


by Asperazza

This is the best program available for early learning. There simply is nothing that is as effective for teaching reading, I was a pc user and happy, but it is incredibly more effective to be able to have a fun time lesson anywhere using the mobile device. If I could give it 6 stars I would!





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