Reusable Flap Cards

Available for individual purchase in sets of 10pcs.

The double-sheet Flap Cards are specially designed for multisensory lessons where you can show your child both the word and the picture.

Show your child the printed word you want to teach and let her open the flap to discover a picture associated to the word for a more interactive approach to teaching.

Each pack contains 10 high-quality plastic reusable flap cards Pictures and word printouts are not included. Printouts are shown in the picture only for illustration.

Our unique flap cards are a great way to teach your child to read using the multisensory method! Your child will enjoy learning about each word by opening flaps and seeing the pictures. Each flap card is made of durable plastic, so you can get more use out of each card.

Just insert the pictures and corresponding words into the plastic flaps, and attach them to the BrillKids Presentation Binder!

Get these Reusable Flap Cards

Videos of Babies and Toddlers using Little Reader

Flap Cards

Jakob Using Little Reader Flap Cards at 2 years 11 months

Hannah Using Little Reader Flap Cards at 16 months

Owen Using Little Reader Flap Cards at 16 months

Lily Using Little Reader Flap Cards at 2 years and a half

Get these Reusable Flap Cards


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