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Mom to Treyton, Alexa and Audrey

The Aesop Fables BrillKids [storybooks] that we got in the mail were an instant hit in our house. I didn't have them open good before Treyton was literally "tearing through them" asking to read them to me. Like any good mother/teacher, of course I let him.

We loved these [storybooks!] Treyton LOVED Aesop's Fables and [the] colorful illustrations, and I thought the inside flap is an ingenious idea. I've never seen a [storybook] before with a flap - and I don't know about other kids but for Treyton, this is a FABULOUS idea!!

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Stay at home mama to 5 blessings

BrillKids has done an outstanding job creating their version of the time honored Aesop Fables. These are gorgeous, beautifully illustrated books. They are printed on heavyweight glossy paper making them very kid friendly, especially for the young readers that BrillKids is geared towards. They are meant for ages 3 months and up - which we found to be true in our family! Everyone enjoyed them from the baby to my oldest. Miss Paya, though, was the most enamored and quickly latched onto them as "her" books!

What BrillKids has done that is truly amazing and the best part, IMO, is create a special flap on the right hand side of the book. This covers the picture while the child is reading the text which keeps them from guessing by looking at the pictures. After the child has read the page, they are rewarded by lifting the flap and seeing the pictures! Mr. Lego has really struggled to take off reading and these books were perfect for him. They were easier for him to read and he couldn't guess!!! I wish there were more books like this for struggling readers.

Another great bonus about Little Reader storybooks is they are compatible with the Little Reader Software! BrillKids has created animated audiobooks that can be downloaded to use with your Little Reader software.

We have *loved* reading these books and I highly recommend them to my readers. They are a perfect first reader and the flap to hide the pictures to prevent guessing is so smart!!

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Mother, homemaker, and a teacher to her kids.

I can tell you the instant Sweetpea saw these books she was in love with them. She automatically placed them on the shelf by her school books. I never even had to ask or tell her to read them, because she would get them out herself and ask to read them with me. Many of the words she could sound out, but some were too hard for her. I simple provided help when she needed it. Her most favorite part was waiting to see what the pictures would reveal. Buttercup also enjoys listening to these, and looking at the colorful pictures.

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Loving mother to Otto, Abram and Grace

These books from BrillKids are AWESOME. The flap takes away our struggle to look at the words instead of the picture but I found that my pokey reader was reading amazingly fast and fluent as he carefully rushed to get past the words so that he could SEE the pictures.


Not only are they books fun for a new reader, but with every set comes a redemption code which allows you (after signing up for a free BrillKids account) to download these stories with animation and sound onto your computer.

I would highly recommend these books to families of young children everywhere.

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A happy homeschool mother to 7 beautiful children

We love these books! Christian especially likes The Boy Who Cried Wolf when even the sheep is frowning at the boy when he lied. Lily loves the Lion and the Mouse when the mouse cries and says, "Don't hurt me don't hurt me oh no!" They have beautiful, colorful illustrations that look very life like and short sentences making keeping the younger children's attention and focus easier. The children (5,3,2) like the flap that "hides" the pictures while I am reading the words. It makes it seem like a fun game to them. They also love the digital version of the books that we can play through our Little Reader Program. Again, the illustrations are very colorful and are also animated.

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A loving mom to 4 wonderful children

I really like these books. I LOVE the added "picture cover" as it helps to keep the focus on the words and not the pictures. This enables children to actually sound out the words, create a picture in their own minds and then have access to a bright and fun picture to complement what was just read.

The print is nice and big, perfect for beginning readers. The font is simple and traditional. Both of my readers are reading above the level of these books and my non-readers are not ready for this yet but they all enjoyed pouring over them. The sentences all rhyme and in my opinion rhyming books are super fun to read and great practice for budding readers.

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Colorado, United States

Baby Girl loves the books! She is happy because they are her 'own', but she likes the stories and pictures, too. She brings them to me all the time, so I can read to her. I thought that the flap might frustrate her, but that's her favorite part! She loves to point her finger at the words while I move it along and read. I was very surprised to see how much she likes to focus on the words!

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Peace Creek on the

Loving mother to 6 children

Ok, my younger children LOVED these. We have read, and read and read them over and over and over.

I like being able to cover the illustrations to help engage my children more on the text of the book. They seem to focus more on learning the words this way. We found the illustrations to be very colorful and engaging. I also enjoyed asking my children to describe what they would draw for an illustration before showing them the picture. This helped to evaluate if they were comprehending the story.

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Stairsteps Homeschool

A loving mother dedicated to teaching her children

The kids liked the books and the stories a lot. My 2 and 4 year olds especially enjoyed them. They liked opening the flap and seeing the picture, and they loved the characters in the pictures too. My 4 year old laughs every time she we read them at the facial expressions of some of the characters. Shes so funny, just like her daddy, to notice something like that! The stories read like poetry, with rhyming words. My 4 year old is currently working on her rhyming word skills so these were perfect to help enforce that.

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Modest Mama
Western, Pennsylvania, United States

Henry gave these books TWO enthusiastic thumbs up! He enjoyed the simplicity of the text and the colorful illustrations. He liked keeping the picture covered and revealing it after reading the sentence.

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Grand Rapids, MI, United States

All three of my children enjoyed these books. The stories were adapted well and were perfect for the attention span of little ones. The pictures in these full color books are bright and simple and will tell the story on their own. The kids loved hearing what was going to happen before they saw the picture.

My 3 year old loves these books and requests them all the time. She loved the rhyming on each page of the story and would try to read along.

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United States

I read these books to my younger girls and we all enjoyed them, the baby a little too much as one of our books has bite marks and drool warped pages.

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