Activating your BrillKids software...

Sometimes you may encounter an error when you import your license key, and this prevents you from activating your BrillKids software successfully.

Here's a list of situations when the license key activation will NOT work, and what we suggest you do to work around the issue:


  • Using a key that has already been activated...

    Each license can only be used and activated on ONE computer or workstation. If you have previously activated your BrillKids software in a computer, remove the activation record from your account to be able to activate on a new one. Learn how to remove one activation record to free up a slot for your current computer.

  • You have an outdated version of Little Reader...

    Our servers support new activations for only the latest version of Little Reader (version 2.0 and up), so if you're still using Little Reader 1.6, you need to get the latest version of your software. How? Just follow the steps in this guide. (Don't worry, it's free!)

  • Importing your key while not connected to the Internet...

    To activate your BrillKids software license key, your software needs to connect to our server through the Internet. Make sure that you have a stable and active Internet connection when you import your key.

  • Typing in the wrong key or BrillKids Account information...

    If you are manually typing in your license key, check that you have not mis-typed your key. If you are asked to log in to your BrillKids Account, make sure you have entered the correct email and password for your BrillKids Account (i.e., the BrillKids Account which your license key is assigned to). YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACTIVATE A LICENSE KEY WHICH IS ASSIGNED TO SOMEONE ELSE WITHOUT SIGNING IN WITH THE OWNER'S BRILLKIDS ACCOUNT.

  • Your Firewall or Anti-Virus is blocking your activation...

    During the activation process, your BrillKids Software needs to communicate with our server to verify and activate your license key. Please try temporarily turning off your Firewall or Anti-Virus and see if you can activate your software successfully.


If you still can't activate your software after trying the suggestions above, please contact BrillKids Support to request for further assistance.

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