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Help your child pick up different languages with Wink to Learn Flashcards and DVDs!

Wink to Learn develops innovative educational resources for learning main languages such as English and Chinese. Their flashcard programs use bright colors to differentiate different Chinese radicals and different English syllables/words to help make language learning more effective.

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About Wink to Learn

Looking for a way to teach your child English and Chinese? Try Wink to Learn!

The Wink to Learn flashcard programs use flashcard techniques to teach your child the English and Chinese languages, and contain accurate voice pronunciations for the words - critical for families who want to teach their child a language which may not be spoken fluently by the household.

These DVD programs take the important variables of an effective flashcard system fused with accurate voice pronunciation into consideration. It innovates further by using bright colors for the Chinese radicals and English syllables display, helping your child learn to read 25% faster!

Wink to Learn DVD Flashcard lessons are short (only 5 minutes per lesson) and topical. Just by watching 1 to 2 lessons a day over a period of 6 months, your child will be able to recognize more than 500 words, providing them with the skill to move on to reading storybooks and so much more!

To learn more about Wink to Learn , visit their official website here.


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