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Give your child an early start in his education with Right Brain Kids!

Right Brain Kids offers gentle early learning programs called TweedleWink and Wink, both of which are tailored to help you take optimum advantage of your child's highly active right brain learning period.

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About Right Brain Kids

Give your child an early start in his education with Right Brain Kids!

As your child grows and passes through infancy, their left brain functioning becomes stronger and more prominent. Since creative inspiration and genius is often associated with right brain functioning, Right Brain Education is a gentle process of rebuilding and retaining your older child's "connection" with their intuitive, creative right brain.

Right Brain Kids has two programs: TweedleWink - for children from age zero to about six whose mental functioning is still predominantly with their right brain, and the Wink program - for children whose mental functioning has "bridged" with their left brain.

TweedleWink gives children ages zero to six a foundational knowledge base in science, speed learning, poetry, vocabulary-building, math, reading (phonics, word decoding, and whole words), world cultures, art and music. It is designed to build rich neurological connections in your child's mind during the early formative years from prenatal to preschool.

Wink is a simple, yet amazing program for helping your older child (from about four years of age and up) retain their right brain connection and develop photographic recall (good when they're taking tests in school!), the ability to concentrate without stress, and a number of other benefits.

Children who grow up with Right Brain Education learn emotional and intellectual balance. Out of the respect that is given to them, they learn to show respect for all of life. They play, learn and grow with peers their own age -- and even those younger and older -- with great harmony. They naturally develop a quality of genius that they will instinctively use for the rest of their life.

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