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Your child learn anything faster and better with our new accelerated learning games CDs for children!

Mercury Learning Systems LLC develops unique award-winning games for young and older children that help activate and stimulate greater brain function. Inspired by child learning and brain developmental experts, our games allow your children to develop amazing skills such as easily remembering 100 objects in sequential order! All our games use unique right brain/left brain integrative learning methods.

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About Memory Magic

Teach your kids a foreign language with Memory Magic!

Memory Magic games are the perfect complement to your children's regular school lessons because, unlike other games, they use unique learning methods that help develop and strengthen the parts of the brain used for rapid memory and recall.

With Memory Magic games, your children can develop encyclopedic knowledge, 100 object sequential memory, rapid memory and recall, increased concentration, early word recognition, dramatically increased cognitive skills, creativity, self-esteem, and more.

Whether your child has learning difficulties or excels in school, these award-winning games will stimulate, invigorate, educate and captivate you and your children for hours on end!

Choose from our series of three game CDs all utilizing different fun-to-play accelerated learning methods. Or, get all three for over $20 discount!

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