The BrillKids "Gift of Literacy" Sponsorship Program

The BrillKids Team strongly believes in the importance of early learning and that we, as parents, can do a great deal to help our children fulfill their innate potential, while also ensuring that the learning process remains fun for both parent and child.

We are such passionate believers in the benefits of early learning that one of our key aims is to give every parent and child in the world the chance to enjoy our educational products.

Applicants need to write us a letter as an application for this sponsorship explaining their circumstances by describing their financial status, and, if required, provide us with supporting documents such as details of household salary and medical information.

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You will be taken to our Early Education for Every Child Foundation website.


At BrillKids, we do our best to make your stay here as informative, fun and productive as possible.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions - even if it's just general feedback - please use this contact form to write to us.

You may also call us or leave us a message at: (+1 707) 336 2022

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