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Little Reader Vietnamese Curriculum Pack: Available now on the BrillKids Online Shop
Wish your child could learn Vietnamese?
Well the wait is over! The new Vietnamese Curriculum pack for Little Reader is now available at the all BrillKids Online Shops!
This curriculum pack will help you teach your young child how to recognize thousands of Vietnamese words, understand their meaning, and finally learn to speak Vietnamese!
We've created a full 12-month curriculum specially designed to teach your child to read in Vietnamese!
Semester 1 and 2 contains 260 days of lessons with: Daj Mahal Image
•   438 categories
•   4,216 unique words
•   12,179 audio pronunciations
•   494 word split recordings
•   3,429 picture audio
•   3,307 hi-res images
•   755 unique videos
Each word file adheres to BrillKids standards, and comes with at least 3 professionally recorded voices, 3-5 quality images, 2-4 picture audio (word commentaries or sound effects) and - to help better illustrate things and concepts such as animals, action words and stories - 3 videos!
We've created a full 12-month curriculum specially designed to teach your child to read in Vietnamese!
Fully customizable lessons progress from single words all the way to complete stories. Using Little Reader's Pattern Phonics™ system, your child will also be guided to decode the written language in an intuitive manner, setting a solid foundation for learning Vietnamese further in the future.
Note: You will need a licensed Little Reader to use this product. Little Reader software and Vietnamese Curriculum pack are sold separately at the BrillKids Online Shop. The Vietnamese curriculum is only compatible with Little Reader version 3.3.1500 and up. Please update your Little Reader software before importing the Vietnamese curriculum.
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Get yours now at the BrillKids Shop
A Little Reader license is required to use this product. Software and Curriculum Packs are sold separately.
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