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1. Important Affiliate Changes
2. Featured Affiliate: Shen-Li
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  1. Important Affiliate Changes  
  Being a Successful Affiliate - Now easier than ever before!
We've implemented several changes to the Affiliate Program so YOU can easily refer more people and earn commission!

Give your customers a 10% discount!
  ALL Affiliates from Level 1 onwards can now give a 10% discount whenever their referred members use their Affiliate Code!
No more sales required to maintain Affiliate Levels 1 to 3!
  Affiliates at Levels 1 to 3 no longer have a required amount of sales to maintain their level – this means even if you don't make any sales within three months, you won't go down an Affiliate Level!
Buy products using your own Affiliate Code!
  ALL Affiliates can now buy BrillKids products using their own Affiliate Code. This way you can buy products at a discount and still earn commission from your own purchase – most useful for times when you need to keep a stock of products on hand!

NOTE: The BrillKids Online Store now accepts only one (1) discount code per checkout and all Affiliate Codes no longer give bonus loyalty points. Make sure you tell your friends to use your Affiliate Code so they can get 10% off their purchase and in turn, you'll get a commission!

The changes above are effective immediately, and no adjustments can be made on prior referred sales. To learn more about the BrillKids Affiliate Program, visit

More About the Affiliate Program

  2. Featured BrillKids Affiliate: Shen-Li  
  Shen-Li (or ShenLi at the BrillKids Forum) is one of the first members who signed up for our Affiliate Program back in 2010, and she has been featuring BrillKids products among the teaching materials she talks about in her early learning blog.

For the last month alone she has referred a total of $4,411.71 in sales and earned commissions amounting to $1,544.13!

Read on to find out how Shen-Li made it big as a BrillKids Affiliate...

  Featured Affiliate: Shen-Li
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Shen-Li and sons Gavin and Gareth I'm a stay-at-home mother to two boys – my eldest has just turned 5 and my youngest is 2. Before my boys, I was working in the healthcare industry. It was the arrival of my first child that helped me discover my passion in early childhood development. Ever since my son was born, I have been on an amazing voyage of discovery about the wonders of early learning and every day, I'm learning something new.

What's your experience like as a BrillKids Affiliate?

Being a stay-at-home mum, I gave up my source of income a long time back and being able to earn this side income [through the BrillKids Affiliate Program] allows me to fund further educational materials for my sons.

I have BrillKids banners on my website but what I believe works best is writing specifically about BrillKids products and early learning. For instance, when I talk about my sons' reading progress, I will also include details about Little Reader which we use to supplement our home reading program.

Taking advantage of holiday promotions is also another great opportunity to write about BrillKids products and remind my blog readers about early learning. I generally find an increase in sales during these periods.

Read Shen-Li's Full Story

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