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Should MUSIC be a birthright?

Music is emotional.


It inspires awe, love, and beauty. It can lift our moods, making us smile amidst sorrow. It can make us cry, with words that touch our hearts and melodies that move our souls. Remember the songs that marked those special moments in your life? The first hymn you learned? Songs from your childhood? Or how about that special wedding song? Or those special moments, like singing "Silent Night? with family and close friends on Christmas Eve? Music has the amazing power to bring back memories from years past in an instant.


Music is a part of our soul.

It reaches us on some kind of primary vibratory level, like a radio frequency beacon to always help us find our way "home.? We've all had almost miraculous experiences where music brought us back to ourselves, and calmed us or inspired us to be our best fullest selves. Music is in the very fiber of our being, even before birth. It is said that we are sensitive to music right from the womb.


But imagine, for a minute, our world without music. No songs, no instruments, no dancing. What would life be like devoid of this gift of music? Is it even possible? A scary thought.


But the reality is...


To most people, music is a dead language.


How can that be? Why such a bold statement? Can music really help your children's mental development? Is playing music made for everyone, or just the "born gifted"?

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