Teachers' Choice Award - Learning® Magazine

10th Annual 2013 Teachers' Choice℠ Award for the Family Program

What aspects of this product did you like the most?

There are so many things, I don't know if I can say what I like best. I really like the graphics, and the songs, and the classical music, and the instruments.

The delivery was interesting to the kids, it was easy to install and start up.

I liked that this music program is interactive. My daughter has a short attention span and the lessons from this music programs took about five minutes to complete. It was easy for her to understand and she picked up on the music notes really quick. She loved music before using this product and now she had learned so much more about music rather than just singing along to her favorite CD's.

What would you recommend to make the product better?

I can not thing of anything the product needs to make better, but I wish I had a touch screen monitor for my grandsons' little hands to touch the keyboards, etc.

The span of a two year curriculum seems very extreme as technology changes so much and so fast. Believing that things will remain compatible or that a child would remain involved for that amount of time seems wishful thinking.

We really liked this product just as it is. I wouldn't recommend any specific changes or improvements to this music program. It is good music program for children to work through with their parents.

Did you find the product interesting or motivating for children? Please explain.

Any child who has the slightest liking of music would love this! It creates so much exposure for little ones in the music world.

My kids enjoyed trying it out but I couldn't get them to do it every day even for 5 minutes.

Yes. My daughter loves to sing and dance, and with this product she had been able to expand and learn so much more about music. She was motivated by how interactive this music program is. She loved being able to hear the sounds, practice the sounds, and then do the sounds together. It was very motivation to my daughter that we did the music lessons together and we both learned so much more about music by using this music program.

What skills could the product teach children?

Listening, music, composers, instruments, singing, notes, reading music, and on and on. Reading music, music terminology, pitch recognition.

This music program teaches children so many things about music. It teaches them about pitch and tempo, how to read musical notes. It teaches children about musical instruments, how they sound, what they look like and how they are played. It teaches them about using their ears to listen to recognize the music note and pitch.

If funds were available, would you recommend parents buy or use this product to with children at the appropriate grade / age level? Please explain why or why not.

Definitely!!! It is a wonderful program for all ages of children.

Only if their child was extremely dedicated to music. For the average child, this was not enough to get them interested.

I would recommend this music program to other parents, it is a fun interactive way to learn about music. It can be used at such an early age to help promote music development. If you are a parent that doesn't know much about music it is a great opportunity to spend quality time with their child and learn about music together. I am looking forward to continuing the daily lesson plans with this music program.