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Learn with Hoffman Academy, and 10% of your purchase will go towards funding piano lessons in partnership with Early Education for Every Child Foundation.
EEECF is proud to announce that we are working with the Hoffman Academy by providing their products to all eligible beneficiaries of the Early Education for Every Child Foundation. All website purchases using the special code below will get 30% off, and 10% of the final purchase amount will be used to buy keyboards for EEECF beneficiary orphanages and organizations.
Use this code to get a 30% off on your Hoffman Academy purchase!
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The promotion runs October 21, 2014 (Tuesday)
until October 30, 2014 (Thursday) Midnight Pacific Time.
Have you been thinking about putting your kids in piano lessons, but weren't sure where to find a teacher?
Now you can have a great piano teacher in your very own home, anytime, with Hoffman Academy's complete musical training program online. Hoffman Academy
Hoffman's free video piano lessons guide students, step-by-step, through each new song and concept. Designed for beginners with no prior experience, the lessons quickly enable students to play songs they'll enjoy, starting with the very first lesson. Piano instructor Joseph Hoffman is adept at making even the most tricky concepts simple, memorable, and fun. Each lesson is between 5 and 15 minutes - easy to fit in on any schedule, and the ideal length for keeping attention and focus high. Beyond learning to play songs on the piano, Hoffman Academy provides a fully rounded music education, including:

Correct playing technique, posture, and hand position

How to read and write notes on the grand staff (treble clef and bass clef)

How to read, write, and perform rhythms

How to listen to music and to dictate melodies

How to improvise and compose your own songs

The basics of music theory, including chords, key signatures, and more!
For even more music learning, the Complete Materials for each Unit of 20 Lessons (includes activity pages, sheet music, practice instructions, and MP3 files) can be purchased from the Hoffman Academy website for $19. That's less than $1 per lesson! If you choose to not purchase the materials, you are still 100% free to watch the video lessons without ever paying a penny. Hoffman Academy is trying to make music lessons more accessible and affordable for kids in any situation by providing the most expensive part of music lessons - the lessons themselves - free!
To get started, visit our website at, hover over LESSONS on the top menu bar, when the menu pops up go down to UNIT 1, then click on LESSON 1 to go to the first lesson page. There you can sign in to create a Hoffman Academy account, or you can also watch the lesson as a guest.
Using Hoffman Academy is like having your teacher right at home helping you every day. If practice isn't going as smoothly as you would like, you can go back and review the video lesson as many times as needed. Hundreds of parents and kids around the world say that they love Mr. Hoffman's teaching style and creative, streamlined approach to learning piano. Visit Hoffman Academy and find out how much fun learning to play the piano can be.
Visit Hoffman Academy
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