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Our BrillKids Forum is the fastest growing early learning online community, offering thousands of parents and educators alike a venue to discuss their experiences and ask questions about early learning, prenatal education, teaching babies, and other parenting issues. Members discuss and review baby-related products as well as practical solutions with which to teach young children, and the market and the demand for such products are overwhelming./p>

All of our members are with us because they are highly interested in early learning and want to maximize their children's learning potential!

BrillKids invites you to partner with us through our Partner Promotion Program, a way for you to maximize your brand and products' exposure to your target parenting audience!

How it works...

The discount coupons you are offering us will be passed on to our members, sending them to YOUR website to redeem or purchase your products! Our members would win by getting discounts, you would get more sales from our promotion to our members, and our members would appreciate our efforts! WIN-WIN-WIN!

You can offer our forum members discounts to purchase your educational products from your online store

We'll put your coupons up for redemption at our forum shop

And we'll include links to your site so our members can directly purchase your products!

This would be a cashless arrangement, as we intend to pass on all benefits to our members!

All you need to have is an an educational product, an online store and a discount coupon system.

Complete our Partner Promotion Program Form - please be sure to include a brief description of your proposed partnership and the range of discounts you are prepared to offer our members. We will contact you as soon as we review your application!

To get started, please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you with further details!

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