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We are open to opportunities to cooperate with potential partners in working toward a common goal: that of empowering people with the information and tools they need to promote early childhood education.

Even in today's world of seemingly competitive businesses and products, there is always room to work together.

Promote your products to our community

Already have a brand or product which you want to promote to our BrillKids community?

Offer product discounts to our BrillKids Forum members, and we'll send them to YOUR website to redeem or purchase your products! Our members would win by getting discounts, you would get more sales from our promotion to our members, and our members would appreciate our efforts! WIN-WIN-WIN! We do not charge any fees for this. Learn more...

Become a BrillKids distributor

Interested in distributing our products in your country?

BrillKids is currently expanding its distributor network and seeking to recruit world class distributors to join our global network. We are especially looking for distributors in the UK, Europe, USA, and other parts of Asia. Learn more...

Be a Learning Center Partner

Use our learning systems in your pre-school and earn commission by promoting our products to parents!

Essentially, there is a partnership opportunity where you use our products in your classroom, and after that (at your own discretion), promote and sell our products to parents who may be interested in using our products at home. Learn more...

Join the Affiliate Program

Do you have a website or a blog? Would you like to earn commission by promoting BrillKids products?

Link directly from your website to our product pages, articles, and videos and earn commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to the BrillKids store on your website and in email! Learn more...

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Promote your products to our community
Become a BrillKids distributor
Be a BrillKids-partnered Learning Center
Join the BrillKids Affiliate Program


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Believe in our products? Recommend them to others and earn a commission!

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